Timber Framing

A modern timber frame house replaces the inner wall with a timber frame strong enough to support all the loads of the house. This is usually covered by plasterboard internally, and a brick or block and render external finish.                                                                                                 Quick to build, a frame and roof can be erected in a matter of days. This means that the whole structure is then weatherproof, which allows other trades to work internally whatever the weather conditions.

Throughout the developed world 70% of houses are built of timber frame. In the U.K. houses of all types, right up to multi-storey flats are built with timber frame. Most of the top 25 companies and virtually all self-builders now use the system.

Timbertek Limited can design bespoke homes to suit your requirements. We  provide design services, timber frame manufacture (made to measure) and building/construction services. We specialise in low and zero carbon solutions for new build homes and other types of buildings and also offer the most up to date advice on sustainable design and renewable technologies, ensuring that we are always one step ahead.


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